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Order on Appeal No. 2035-06/2022 Muhammad Hashim Vs Federal Board of Revenue

The appellant initiated a complaint against Syed Abid Ali Bukhari with the allegation that he has evaded to pay the tax and that huge amount is outstanding against him. He has requested provision of the information and record culminated on his complaint so that he may be cognizant of the complaint. The appellant has appended along with the appeal copy of the finding and recommendation recorded by Dr. Asif Mahmood Jah, Federal Tax Ombudsman on the complaint Nos. 2189 & 2190/MLN/IT/2021 initiated by Muhammad Hashim appellant.

All the reports including performance reports, audit reports, evaluation reports, inquiry or investigative reports that have been finalized are enlisted in the category of record that ought to have been published and posted on the official website of the public body to make it accessible to the public at large, as mandated in section 5(i) of the Act of 2017. Moreover, the appellant being the initiator of an inquiry in the public interest has highlighted the evasion of tax, reserves his preferential right to know the outcome of his complaint.

In all the matters of public importance, the citizens have the right of access to the information and record as enunciated under Article 19A of the Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, 1973.

Transparency in the working of the government departments is the essence for the enactment of the Act 2017. Its spirit is to ensure that the people of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan have access to the records held by the federal public bodies for making the government accountable to the people. This practise would improve the participation of the people in the public affairs aimed at reducing corruption, nepotism, discrimination, misuse of power and inefficiency in the governance.

The Public Information Officer, Federal Board of Revenue, Islamabad is directed to furnish the appellant all the requested information and record, forthwith, but in any case not later than seven days of the receipt of this order.

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