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Order on Appeal No 1563-12/21 Rana Abrar Khalid Vs Cabinet Division

The appellant wanted to know that after winning the General Election 2021 of AJK on July 25, the PRIME Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan interviewed the PTI MLAs for the selection of the candidate for the Prime Minister of Azad Jammu and Kashmir, was the government helicopter used to bring/transport AJK MLAs from various constituencies of Azad Kashmir to Islamabad during July 26, 2021 to August 4, 2021 which is reserved for the PM of Pakistan.

If the answer is yes, then in what capacity was the helicopter (reserved for the Prime inister of Pakistan) used to bring PTI MLAs of AJK to Islamabad for the interview of PMAJK during the July 25, 2021 to August 4, 2021 does the law allow it? Did the Prime Minister Imran Khan pay the bill for the use of government helicopter for this purpose from his own pocket?

The Respondent in its response also claimed that Honorable Islamabad High Court has granted stay order in a similar case, but despite multiple opportunities the Respondent failed to produce any court order which bar this Commission from proceedings on any appeal related to the requested information. In any case, the subject matter of the instant Appeal is entirely different from the one requested in Appeal No. 294-02/20 Shehzad Ahmed Khan Vs. Cabinet Division and hence requires detailed judgement of this commission.

This Commission maintains that the requested information belongs to the category of information which public bodies are legally bound to proactively disclose, through their web sites, under Section 5 (1) (g) of the Act. The requested information is also public information under Section 6 (b) of the Act.

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