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Order on Appeal No 1329-09-2021 Muhammad Naeem Vs Peshawar Electric Supply Company

The Appellant in the instant appeal requested the following information from the Peshawar Electric Supply Company,

  1. Total strength; sanction Strength and vacant Position (District, Division, sub Division and circle wise) of the PESCO.
  2. Last five years details of fatal, non-fatal accidents of Pasco linemen and other Staff and payment made to the Martyred families.
  • A number of applicants applied for the different posts in PESCO and took their tests, but nothing has happened in the process of selection so far, in case any corruption and nepotism is exercised during this process provides details of enquiry conducted in this regard.
  1. Last five years Details how many thieves were caught and how many FIR registered against thieves who connected hooks (Kunda) illegally to the line and how many thieve are convicted so far?
  2. Does PESCO have its workshop for transformer repair in Mardan? If not how transformers are repaired Provide the details of Contractor etc who repaired Transformers in this regard and money paid in this regard
  3. Details of disciplinary action are taken against PESCO employees who could not control the line losses in their jurisdiction.
  • How much power is the need of District Mardan? Does the transmission line could flow the power in summers without fault/loss. If not what measure had been taken to replace the old transmission lines”.


This Commission has directed the Chief Executive Officer, Peshawar Electric Supply Company to provide  the appellant the requested Information forthwith, but in any case not later than seven (7) days of the receipt of this order

He is further directed to implement section 5 and 9 of the Act in letter and spirit under intimation to this commission latest by 31-12-2021.

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