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Zahid Abdullah

Information Commissioner

Mr. Abdullah can perform all tasks with his eyes wide shut, for he unlearnt the art of living with sight 15 years ago when he lost sight at the ripe age of 34. Like the fall of the Roman Empire, sight loss was not an event but a process spanning over 4 years. With the elimination of sight from the equation, he learnt and learnt quickly how to live with touch, taste, hearing, and smell. He believes in learning, unlearning and relearning as and when required for he has the experience of studying at Masters level, with one degree from a public university with sight and the other from a private one without sight; has the experience   of a son raised with 8 siblings with sight and of a husband and a father raising 3 daughters without sight, a person who started his professional career as a sighted person on the verge of losing sight and rose in his career without sight.

He believes that access barriers in physical and social environment render people disabled and not the physical impairments. Guided by this philosophy, he has been contributing to the right to information and disability rights movements in the country for over 2 decades as a trainer, resource person and as a researcher.

He claims to be an author, finds human contradictions bemusing, and, like Keats, finds the unheard melodies to be the sweetest, believes Elvis Presley’s  ‘In the Ghetto’ to be the greatest song ever sung and composed, ‘Roman Holiday’ the greatest movie ever made, considers ‘Raja Gidh’ to be overrated, cannot decide which one of ‘One Hundred Years of Solitude’ and ‘War and Peace’-is the greatest novel ever written and admits to be fan of Pakistani cricket team.

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