The Implementation of the Right of Access to Information Act 2017 Progress and Challenges

Although Pakistan Information Commission was established on November 7, 2018, it is yet to acquire requisite staff and it got office space only in June, 2020. Despite these resource constraints, the
Commission has so far received a total of 682 appeals, out of which 257 have been resolved and the requested information has been provided to the appellants to their satisfaction. The remaining appeals
are at various stages of resolution as notices have been issued and hearings are being conducted on these appeals three days of every week.

The commission received highest number of appeals against the Ministry of Defence, (37), followed by Registrar Office, Supreme Court of Pakistan, (36), Cantonment Boards, (25) and Ministry of Finance, (21). Eighteen appeals were filed against the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, seventeen against CDA while fifteen appeals were filed against FIA and fourteen against FBR. Twelve appeals were filed against the Ministry of Interior. Eleven appeals were filed against each of the ECP, SBP, NADRA, the Ministry of Law and Justice and NBP. Ten appeals were filed against each of Cabinet Division, the Ministry of Climate Change, PEMRA and National Assembly.

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