Order on Appeal No 267-02/20 Azaz Syed Vs Ministry of Water Resources

The Ministry of Water Resources was directed to share requested information “From which year government of Pakistan started collecting Neelum-Jhelum surcharge fee through electricity bills. Provide year wise list of total amount collected till December 31, 2018”. The ministry was also directed to notify Public Information Officer, (PIO), under Section 9 of the Act, put…

Appeal No. 280-02/2020: Azaz Syed Vs NADRA

The Commission maintained that the requested information pertaining to the ‘list of all minorities registered at National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) and total number of people holding ID cards in each minority’ falls within Section 5 (a), 5 (k) and 6 (c) of the Right of Access to Information Act 2017. Download order